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Committed to helping families find the

Allergy Alert™ Dog for their family

Life threatening food allergies affect millions of children in the United States alone sending countless people to the emergency room. Now there is a way to help prevent unintended exposure to life threatening allergies. It comes with four legs!

Why do some need an Allergy Alert™ dog?

An Allergy Alert™ dog can be a valuable tool for those with life threatening allergies. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, scent detection is a perfect job for a correctly trained dog. What defines an Allergy Alert™ dog is the standards and processes created by Angel Service Dogs™, Inc. First health tested, then trained by a team of Master Trainers, a dog will be able to detect elements of an allergen in most any form; raw, cooked, oil, butter, dust etc. as deemed necessary by the clients physicians. The ability to detect the clients specific elements and perform as a service dog is verified by a third party testing process.


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