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Angel Service Dogs, Inc.

Life threatening food allergies affect millions of children in the United States alone sending countless people to the emergency room. Now there is a way to help prevent unintended exposure to life threatening allergies. It comes with four legs!

Our Mission
Angel Service Dogs™, Inc., a 501-C-3, is devoted to expanding and

Riley and RockO

Riley and RockO

enriching the lives of the sufferers of anaphylactic allergies through education, awareness, and mitigation strategies.  One of these strategies is placing Allergy Alert Dogs™, specially trained for peanut, tree nut, and allergen detection, with individuals and families who are inhibited by life-threatening allergies. This ministry is based out of Monument, Colorado and is designed to support the acquisition, training, and placement of highly trained Allergy Alert™ Dogs for sufferers of life-threatening allergies; and the distribution of related educational material to churches and civic groups allowing them to create and maintain a safe environment for those challenged with this hidden disabilities.

How Angel Service Dogs, Inc. Helps
Angel Service Dogs , Inc. was founded by families with a strong

Riley plays with Rock’O

devotion to create a better, more independent life for others with this hidden disability. It is amazing to all of our families what these allergen and peanut sniffing dogs can do for boys, girls and adults!

Our Affiliations

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Our Service Dogs and Selection Process

Our Service Dogs All of our Allergy Alert™ dogs are trained by Master handlers above the standards set by the American with Disabilities Act. Additionally, they are trained to do specific tasks required by their human companion’s life threatening allergies. Our program has been developed by Animal Behaviorists, Allergists, and Master trainers to design the …

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