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Our Service Dogs and Selection Process

Our Service Dogs

All of our Allergy Alert™ dogs are trained by Master handlers above the standards set by the American with Disabilities Act. Additionally, they are trained to do specific tasks required by their human companion’s life threatening allergies. Our program has been developed by Animal Behaviorists, Allergists, and Master trainers to design the dog your family needs.First and Foremost, they are trained by Master Scent trainers, having decades of experience working with scent dogs and experience working specifically with Allergy Alert™ dogs. We invite you to complete an application. We will then connect you with our trainers and other families at various stages of our process.
Riley and Rock-O

Angel Service Dogs™ Selection Process

Multiple dogs are currently being prepared to begin their life as Allergy Alert™ dogs! Soon, more Angel Service Dogs™ will be accompanying their Angel companion to school, church, amusement parks, playgrounds and other public places to alert if the allergen they have been trained to detect is present. Allergy Alert™ dog candidates are carefully bred, selected, tested and screened for health, temperament and characteristics that will allow them to be both a working dog and a family companion. We work with the Angel Companions allergist to select a breed that is right for them. These breeds include Australian Labradoodles, Portuguese Water Dogs and other breeds considered allergy friendly. These breeds are often owned by people with allergic tendencies, as they do rarely shed and are relatively dander free. Other breeds being trained include German Shorthair Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. The dogs are selected based on the needs of the Angel Companion. To become an Angel Companion Contact Us today! The Angel Service Dogs™ family would love to start helping you raise the funds needed for one of these amazing dogs! Here is an example of how one family is raising funds: www.peanuttees.com.Once selected, you will be able to network with other families living your life and reaching for your dream of an Angel Dog.
Snoopy- taking a day off.

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