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Bravo and Freida

Bravo and Freida

From the day she was born, Freida had reactions to food that have resulted in numerous routine and emergency, doctor and hospital visits.  In December 2013 she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis.  After a number of very severe anaphylactic reactions with no known cause and ruling out a number of other issues her doctor came to a frightening diagnosis. The doctors do not know how often her body will just randomly go into anaphylaxis.

Fundraising for Bravo began in the summer of 2014.  Family, friends, and community involvement were instrumental in successfully reaching the goal that would allow for the training of Bravo and subsequently Freida’s family.

Bravo is a specially bred combination of breeds designed for detection with the added benefit of being no/low shedding which helps the allergy situation in many homes where anaphylaxis already exists.

Bravo’s training began almost from the day he was born: socializing him to live with humans, familiarizing him to all the every day activities/smells/sounds that commonly occur for a person living with anaphylaxis.  Puppy raisers and trainers then go on to train dogs like Bravo in general obedience and socialization before moving on to the special training he’ll need as an Allergy Alert™ Service Dog for Freida.

Freida enjoys a first in her life…

Freida enjoying a first in her life now that Bravo is part of her team.  A meal at a restaurant.



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Geo and Ginny

Geo and Ginny became a team in 2011






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