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Cosmo as a pup

Volunteer to be a Puppy Raiser

Angel Service Dogs, Inc. is always looking for people in the Denver/Colorado Springs/Pueblo area to volunteer and/or be part of our puppy raising family. Your home will be blessed by a puppy that is from two months to about two years old.  As with any addition to the family, Angel Service Dogs, Inc. understands the …

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Application for a Service Dog

Angel Service Dogs™ Selection Process Multiple dogs are currently being prepared to begin their life as Allergy Alert™ dogs! Soon, more Angel Service Dogs™ will be accompanying their Angel companion to school, church, amusement parks, playgrounds and other public places to alert if the allergen they have been trained to detect is present. Allergy Alert™ …

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Book Order

The Mighty Friends’ Alliance Coming Soon! – The first in a series of children’s novels for grownups too. The Mighty Friends’ Alliance: Volume One – “The Allergy Friends” by Sherry Mers It was to be a summer both girls would never forget. When 7 ¾ year old Roxy moves into 8 year old Riley’s neighborhood, …

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