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October 2011 Class Graduates
Geo is a Labradoodle for Ginny Matlack in Oklahoma.
To learn more about this family their website is
Ginny’s Pennies for Geo*
Blessed with two fabulous boys, the Resor family of Waverly,
Iowa raised funds for Allergy Alert dog Dotty’s training. Dotty has
helped to open up a whole new world for six-year old Tyler.
Eight-year old Toby, who has Asperger’s, is also benefiting from Dotty.
Check out their story and follow their journey at
Donations for Dotty*
The Jahns family of Oregon Ohio have expressed why they raised f
unds for Brie, an Australian Labradoodle, through the eyes of their
daughter Delanie. See her story at
Delanie’s Doggy.*
Family and friends of the Hathcock Family let Marion, Iowa know how
important an Allergy Alert dog would be to their son Garrett. They have
picked up their son’s new protector, Molly!
Visit his web site at
Support the GForce.*

*These are independent web sites our families have put together. Although we support these families, we are not responsible for the content of their web pages. Please let us know if you are having problems with any web site.

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David and Rebecca

Hello from Rebecca and David Marcus. On May 16, 2015 we will be called to the Torah in celebration of our B’nai Mitzvah. We have been asked by our synagogue, Temple Israel of Lawrence in Lawrence, NY to each choose a project that would be considered our Mitzvah Project. The word Mitzvah translates in English …

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I have a Bar Mitzvah coming upon June 27, 2015 and one of the things that Jewish kids do as part of their preparation is to choose a tzadakah project. Tzadakah is a Hebrew word that means making the world whole. We can do this by helping people out or donating money for a good …

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On January 10, 2015, I will become a Bat Mitzvah. Every child at my temple is required to do at least 13 hours of Mitzvah service in the months leading up to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. For my Mitzvah project, I have chosen to help a little girl named Freida, who has a number of medical …

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On May 23, 2015, I will become a Bat Mitzvah.  For my Bat Mitzvah project, I have decided to raise at least $4,000 out of $20,000 to help a little girl named Freida get a service dog named Bravo.  I wanted to do something related to helping people, but I also wanted to do something …

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The staff, trainers and volunteers of Angel Service DogsTM were invigorated in a way we never imagined by the generosity of a child. We were moved to tears when Alyssa contacted us to ask if she could choose Angel Service Dogs and an allergic child for her Mitzvah project. On April 17, 2010, I will …

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