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The staff, trainers and volunteers of Angel Service DogsTM were invigorated in a way we never imagined by the generosity of a child. We were moved to tears when Alyssa contacted us to ask if she could choose Angel Service Dogs and an allergic child for her Mitzvah project.
On April 17, 2010, I will be called to the Torah as I celebrate my Bat Mitzvah. It is common for a person celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to perform a mitzvah project, or good deed.
New Friends
Riley and Alyssa
For my Mitzvah project, I have chosen to raise awareness of food allergies through the support of Angel Service Dogs, a program dedicated to improving the lives of children afflicted with food allergies.  In an effort to learn more about how to help those suffering from food allergies, I traveled to Colorado to meet with Riley Mers and her service dog, Rock’O. The Mers family founded Angel Service Dogs to give children with potentially deadly food allergies a chance at living a more normal life. Because of dogs like Rock’O, who are trained to detect minute traces of trigger foods, these children are now able to safely visit friends’ houses and even eat in restaurants. To my surprise, Rock’O warned Riley to stay away from my school backpack because he detected the scent of peanuts from my lunchbox, which wasn’t even in there on that day!
L’Chaim!This traditional Jewish toast means“To Life!”
My time with Riley made me want to raise awareness and funding for this wonderful organization. Money raised during my campaign will be used to create a scholarship so that deserving families will be able to afford these life-changing dogs. Please join me in supporting the amazing staff and animals of Angel Service Dogs who are working every day trying to help children like Riley lead a more normal and healthy life.To all the young children whose lives will be improved by Angel Service Dogs, I say “L’Chaim!”
Riley shows Alyssa
how to use Rock’O

Funds raised: $5,987.00

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