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The personnel at Angel Service Dogs and Liberty Service Dogs are dedicated to the enrichment of our clients’ lives.  In whatever capacity they serve, the people of ASDi and LSDi understand the impact our service dogs will have on a person’s life.

Executive Director:  Sherry Mers  

Over 7 years ago our family began a process to find a solution for our daughter. Her anaphylactic peanut allergy IgE was greater than 100 and we were tired of the frequent hospital trips. From her allergies the first Allergy Alert dog Rock’O began his training. After several trainers with multiple training disiplins, the process of training Allergy Alert dogs was developed. Along with the dogs came a need for fundraising, managing the health of the dogs and training the recipients.
When the current Board asked me to stay on as the Executive Director is was easy to say yes. It is pure joy to watch the families who embrace their new furry family member and become a technical, allergy finding team that keeps people safer than they have ever been. If you family is considering an Allergy Alert dog I can’t wait to meet you as you begin the process of your journey twords a safer, free way of living.

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